About us

EuroMedics Group Recruitment (“EMGR”) is a privately owned and managed company specialising in recruitment services for nursing personnel from Poland to be relocated and employed in the UK.We highly value alliances built on trust and respect, we work closely with partners and clients in the UK who are also privately owned family companies.

Our main objective is to create a friendly, family and encouraging atmosphere at every stage of the recruitment process and relocation to the UK. We are fully aware that relocation to another country may be a stressful period and so we treat candidates first of all as people who need a helping hand during this period.

In Poland EMGR has a team of bi-lingual professional consultants committed to provide services and full assistance from the very first step of the recruitment process until employment in the UK and thereafter.We believe that this family atmosphere can contribute greatly to our mutual success.

We hope that our engagement and support will make the candidates feel comfortable and safe. We are aware that the decision to relocate may influence not only the candidate’s life but also the lives of his or her family members. Hence our mission is to create a comfort zone for not only the candidate but also for his or her family. We truly understand and respect family and other commitments.


Our Competencies

The EMGR Team comprises experienced consultants and recruitment specialists which draws on the experience of professional care workers and nurses.This ensures we have extensive knowledge of all procedures, policies and standards, allowing us to specify our services to an exacting high standard.